Light, texture, shape, movement and story telling all come into play in gardens designed by Sarah Vogel, a film producer turned Landscape Designer.

Based in Montclair, New Jersey, Sarah Vogel Landscape Design creates gardens that are environmentally sensitive and reflect the clients’ aesthetics, use of space, and lifestyle. Our designs bridge the area’s home styles, from Victorian to Colonial to Contemporary, and adapt to the clients’ changing needs over the years.

Managing the process from conception through installation, Sarah Vogel Landscape Design begins with an assessment of the clients’ use of their outdoor spaces and their desires for now and the future. We discuss and observe how the clients use and move through their landscape. Children, dogs, lifestyle, and plans for the future are all folded into the design.

We study the landscape throughout the day and evaluate its seasonal changes. These observations are then put into a design to create a beautiful environment that is not only an extension and an enhancement to the home but a place of refuge and pleasure for family and friends.

Our projects include private homes, public parks and schools.

Sarah Vogel received Certificates in Landscape Design and Horticulture from the New York Botanical Garden. She previously worked as a film and television producer.